The Freedom Handbook for Living and Retiring in the Philippines by Bruce Silverman

This is the most comprehensive book ever written on retiring and living in the Philippines. All sorts of lifestyles are addressed, whether one chooses to come here to simply be “retired”, or to have an “active” retirement by engaging in any number of income earning opportunities available. Among many other things, this book discusses how a retiree could set up a nice little business–anything from a small retail endeavor, such as a restaurant or a pub, to setting up something in the world of outsourcing, like a call center or medical transcription business, and much, much more. The number one export from the Philippines is people–talented people–who work in skilled positions all over the world; by setting up a retirement business in the Philippines, a potential retiree would have access to that pool of talented people right at the source.

Filipinos are considered among the best care-givers and nurses in the world, which should give one a pretty good clue as to why so many expats have chosen to retire in the Philippines. An “old age” in one’s own home, where a person is cared for, respected by, and in most cases, loved as a family member by the people who cater to an elderly person’s needs, would be a very pleasant alternative to consignment in the average senior citizen home in the first world.

The Philippines offers the retiree a whole plethora of lifestyles to choose from. If what you seek is to spend your “golden years” under a palm tree on a beach, sipping a drink while gazing at a glorious sunset every day of the year, we’ve got it. If a cool “mountain high” of dramatic vistas is more your speed, we have that too. If you flourish in a highly cosmopolitan environment, replete with some of the best shopping malls, dining experiences, and social life in the world…the Philippines is the place to be. You literally are spoiled for choice!

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No matter how you slice it, life really IS more fun in the Philippines!

About the Author

Bruce Silverman has lived in the Philippines since 1982. Today, his family of six–four beautiful daughters, his terrific wife and himself, thrive while enjoying a great quality of life. Although not, by any means, a wealthy man, Bruce and his family have helpers who cook, clean, and maintain the home and who have become an extended part of the family in the process.

His children have been–and continue to be–well cared for by loving nannies as well as by doting parents and other relatives. Bruce’s book addresses, and in many cases, answers, a huge scope of issues potential retirees have questions about.

Take a peek at the Table of Contents, and read the “Letter to Readers from the Author”. If you like what you see, go ahead and read the preview of the book!