Handbook on Retirement in the Philippines for Americans: How to Retire in the Philippines

ELRAP (Expatriate Living and Retirement Alliance of the Philippines) offers two comprehensive monthly “Look-See” tours of the Philippines; one for the northern part of the country followed by a second tour for the south of the country. The tours offer potential expat retirees a well-grounded peek at the different lifestyles available to them in the Philippines. Not only do they visit some of the country’s big and small cites, but they are also afforded a glimpse at a rural lifestyle–whether in the mountains or on a beach. Potential expats visit real-life housing communities, shopping malls & grocery stores, tour hospital facilities in the big cities and in the provinces, and get a taste of “the good life” lived by expats already in the country–golf, diving, dining, spa & beauty treatments, all of first-class quality and all at a fraction of the cost of the First World. In addition, there are short daily seminars providing information and an opportunity for answering questions by expats who have lived in the Philippines for twenty years or more.

Each tour lasts for a very busy one week! Tours start in Manila on a Saturday morning. Both the northern and the southern tours begin with a weekend in Metro Manila and the surrounding areas including Batangas and Tagaytay. The northern tour proceeds on the Monday to Angeles City, Subic, Baguio, and Laoag via La Union and Vigan. The southern tour starts the following Monday and proceeds to Cebu, Dumaguete, Bukidnon via Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and then returns to Manila.

Tours are all-in; once you arrive, we will take great care of you until it’s time for you to depart! For more information, please go to the ELRAP web site at: expatphil.com